About Us

Life is a Great Magazine
and we live inside one filled with color

We like magazines and publish only those we once fell in love with: Esquire, Tapas, L’Officiel, Forbes and Robb Report.

We continue to enjoy, imagine, and create magazines; print and deliver them to newstands for our readers to make them their own. But now we do much more than magazines. We are on the Internet, on iPad format, and in the most popular social networks.

Thanks to our expertise and the reputation of our brands, we develop other media and lines of business; such as PremiumFest, which goes far beyond the pages of our magazines.

By constantly reinventing our storytelling, we reinforce the relationship between brands and their target audience and help our customers leverage their advertising and marketing strategies.

After more than 20 years of experience, we offer to our international clients our share of passion and knowledge in the Spanish magazine market.

We have been together since the first pages and haven’t stopped growing since.
Will you join us in the next step of our journey?

Andrés Rodríguez